Alltid du (Always you)

What surprises lie on the other side of your door? Will you let them change the course of your life forever?
Caroline is living her ideal life in the house of her dreams with her adoring husband and two precious children – but has never forgotten about her first love, Adam. When Adam unexpectedly appears on her doorstep and enters her life after 15 years, everything is challenged.
“Always You” follows Caroline as she struggles with choices and chance, and how they meddle with and change the course of her life. Is she willing to risk everything for Adam, and will she be happier if she does? 

PernillaAlm_pressbild_Foto Kristofer Samuelsson

Pernilla Alm, born in 1975,  lives in Stockholm, Sweden in the house of her dreams with her adoring husband and two precious children. She hasn’t given one single interview about the book where they haven’t asked if it is autobiographical. In addition to being a writer, Pernilla works as a language teacher. In her spare time she likes to exercise and never misses out on a chance to mingle and drink bubbles.


Literary agent:
Nilsson Literary Agency AB

Photographer: Kristofer Samuelsson.

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